We Are Here To Help You Succeed By Doing The Best We Can To Get You Where You’re Going (Via Community Coordination, Co-Operation & Care). Our Sites & Offerings Are Representative Of This. We Focus On Providing Information, Connections & Wellness Assistance On Various Platforms.

Industry News: Networked News Site

The Network Community: Membership Site

We have a membership website (in development) and a Patreon membership account to connect everyone in various ways. These are both paid platforms. Each platform has different benefits (with select benefit overlaps) as to provide a customized membership experience which works with your needs.

Our free membership offerings are on LinkedIn & Facebook. We have two Facebook groups. The Music Business Network Group is a closed group dedicated to networking and The Music Business Network Culture & Events is an open group dedicated to sharing the world with one another. Our LinkedIn group can be viewed here.

We also offer free connection & information services via our groups and pages & on our other social platforms.

Networked Wellness: The Center Site