The Members Of The Music Business Network’s Team



Position: Executive Director / Founder
How She Helps:  She interfaces with all members to assist them further their career goals. Ms. Sano created The Network to help all creative professionals. Sano is responsible for all business development, operations and marketing.
Background: Ms. Sano possesses multiple business degrees (from Syracuse University & New York University). She is also a 6-Sigma, "Blackbelt," process efficiency expert. Ms. Sano has managed producers and musicians, has pursued many entrepreneurial endeavors since she was 18 years old, and has provided consulting services (including, but not limited to, operations, marketing, graphic and web design, and PR).



Position: Director of Artist Development
How She Helps:  She interfaces with artists to assist them with their audio production questions, provide advice, guidance and feedback to further develop the quality of their, "sound."
Background: Ms. Abram has multiple master's degrees in Music Technology (from New York University and The University of Stavanger - located in Norway) and possesses both national and international music industry experience. Her experience and knowledge (in audio production, audio engineering, mixing, mastering, et al.) from her training and experiences can help assist members of The Network with mastering the technical aspects of their craft.



Position: Director of Southern European Business Development
How He Helps:  He is our liaison between members located throughout Southern European countries and the rest of The Network. If you're located in Southern Europe and need assistance, he's your, "go to guy." Mr. Scavullo is responsible for all business development, operations and marketing in Southern European countries. Please contact us if you're interested in learning more about the countries he works with.
Background: Mr. Scavullo is a musician, translator and businessman. He possesses 11+ years of experience as a musician and industry professional in both the U.S. and international music industries. His experience and knowledge from his training and personal experiences as an artist further assists members of The Network with mastering both the business and technical aspects of their craft. 


Position: We Have Various Business Development, Events, Marketing, & Administrative Volunteer Positions Currently Available
How You'll Help:  You'll be our liaison between members located in your region and the rest of The Network and be an integral part of The Music Business Network team. We will work with you to customize your position so it aligns with your career goals because we want to ensure that your efforts provide valuable professional development assistance. If you're driven, dependable, have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to help others succeed this is the perfect opportunity for you. 
How To Apply: Please fill out this form to let us know your interests and availability and we'll contact you as soon as possible. 


Kathryn N. Sano founded The Music Business Network while pursuing her Master's Degree in Music Business from NYU. She attended Syracuse University for her undergraduate studies and majored in both Marketing Management and Supply Chain Management. She possesses a 6-Sigma Blackbelt certification (which is a specialized certification reserved for only the best process efficiency experts in the world). She is an accomplished and published author and has received a variety of awards for her work (ranging from from collegiate institutions and professional organizations).

While pursuing her undergraduate studies at Syracuse University, Ms. Sano started pursuing a variety of music business related entrepreneurial endeavors. She has managed hip-hop producers and hip-hop groups, had a management/booking agency, a record label and digital distribution outlet called, "Digital Democracy," (which was created with a D2F focus with the company's motto being, "For The People, By The People").

Sano has provided a variety of startups, mid-sized businesses, students, musicians (ranging from those who're just starting out all the way up well established major record label artists), industry professionals, and other individuals interested in or already operating in the music industry with the guidance they needed in order to grow their ideas and businesses.

Please contact Ms. Sano directly or review her LinkedIn profile for additional information about her work experience.


Position: The Boss
How She Helps:  She is your daily dose of cat picture awesomeness! Jinx also monitors all of Ms. Sano's work and ensures that there is an end to a work day (16-18 hour work days aren't acceptable to her as she recognizes the importance of sleep and its association with productivity). She is why we have discretionary, "company implemented nap time." We thought it was only appropriate to include Jinx because the vast majority of the great companies that Ms. Sano has worked at had their pet(s) listed as team members on their sites.
Background: She's a cat with a very large personality. She does her own thing and beats to the tune of her own drum. She is very protective of others. She wards off strangers and does, "neighborhood checks," to ensure all is good and well in the neighborhood. She demonstrates on a daily basis that no matter who (or what) you are she's always got your back!