Op Ed: Respect & Society

Lately I’ve noticed a few extremely negative trends in society regarding immense disrespect and overt aggressiveness (especially by elders and recent college graduates) becoming acceptable. Opinions are now stated as facts, people are not mindful of others (the, “my stuff is more important than you,” mindset has taken over) and people actively go out of their way to harm their friends by attacking them on social media. This is WRONG. This MUST CHANGE. WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS. Below are a few of my thoughts on this subject. 


Everyone deserves respect. “Let he without sin cast the first stone.” Fact is everyone is entitled to their opinions and NOT everyone has to agree with them however, we are all adults and we need to start acting like it.


If you respect and care for your, “friends,” then out of respect for them, your history and friendship accept their point of view as opinion (since you don’t agree with it) and WALK AWAY (no comments necessary). Friends don’t attack friends. Adults should not attack each other as it is childish behavior. It’s rude and inappropriate and sets a bad example for everyone (especially children).


Either respect your, “friends,” or don’t. That is your decision however, I do not allow anyone who disrespects me into my life or remain in my life as their disrespect is a blatant disregard for my feelings. Last I knew, when a someone stops caring about your feelings they’ve demonstrated that there’s no perceived value in the relationship.

Now I will address an argument that 70+ year olds were having on Facebook (last year that still continues throughout social media on a daily basis). It was about respecting Trump as POTUS, friendship, respect and adulthood. Below is some of what I said to individuals involved in this conversation (far older than me – the generation that taught the importance of the above to my generation) and either forgot what they taught us or just decided to ignore their own teachings. It’s sad when someone more than 30 years younger than you need to remind older people that their behavior is unacceptable per their own standards (which were set while my generation was still growing up).


You say Trump doesn’t show respect. Yes, we’ve seen it, heard it, and read about it all. The problem isn’t totally him. We are the problem. He spoke in a manner in which many people related to. His rhetoric (good, bad or otherwise) brought many fundamental issues to light. One of the biggest is HOW POORLY WE AS AMERICANS (let alone human beings) TREAT EACH OTHER. Writing foul responses to people you supposedly care about (“friends”) further perpetuates how bad we’ve become at communicating with one another. It seems as though it’s next to near impossible for anyone with differing opinions to stay on topic and interact with one another in a polite and cordial fashion. You do not have to agree with the other person. You can agree to disagree or you can simply disengage and remove yourself from an unnecessary battle that you’ll never win.


You do owe it to yourself and society as a whole to stop perpetuating what you hate about Trump. If you hate what he says why would you attack others? Why respond to a post like this? These people are venting (it may be ignorant however, take it for what it is) they’re not Trump.


Here Are My Suggestions To Remedy These Issues For ALL Americans & ALL Individuals.
  • Become an example.
  • Stay positive. 
  • Don’t be like others and engage in mindless nonsense just to, “bark at the wind,” because you can. We all have that privilege as American citizens but what we do with our voices matters.
  • If you want to cease hateful rhetoric then you have two options: either don’t engage in it at all or engage in it politely and continue to do so (even if you are attacked for your opinions).
  • If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all. Be part of the communication solution not the problem.”