Key Benefits Of Being A Member Of The Network



~ Members of The Network do not have to pay to attend our networking events. Non-Members are charged $25 to attend each networking event. 

~ We host private digital networking events exclusively for members. These events are closed to the public and allow for members to communicate with one another via special occupation specific groups, networking event groups, and more. 



~ Access Restricted Articles, Worksheets, And Video Series' Focused On A Variety Of Industry Topics (Ranging From The History Of The Music Industry To Entrepreneurship Tips). These 15+ Industry Categories Are Populated By Both The Music Business Network And Our Members. We Do This To Help You Further Understand The Industry & Grow Your Career No Matter What Career Level You’re At By Learning From The Professionals. 



~ We Understand That Your Network In The Music Industry May Be Limited And That You May Need Help Making New Connections (Locally, Nationally And Internationally). We Act As A Broker Between You And Companies/Individuals Within The Network Who Provide The Services That You Need In Order To Attain Your Career Goals. Through The Music Business Network’s Member And Business Directory (Coupled With Our Intensive Membership Screening Process We Direct You Strictly To Reliable And Reputable Service Providers).


~ Members receive this information directly on thier home page after logging in. This content populates daily and is succinct and to the point.


~ Members get access to educational information, webinars, career development worksheets & materials, new music, free downloads, apps, discounts to specific industry conferences, and a ton of exclusive content from The Network along with special crowd-sourced content generated by our most experienced members.


~ Are you looking for an internship, job, gig or volunteer opportunities? Need to obtain interns or employees, or expand your business’ clientele? Our Opportunities pages have a plethora of information that can help you further your goals.



~ Members can post events, new music, special discounts & other offerings to our promotions pages and all members of The Network will see it in their news feed. 



Being a member of The Network enables you to connect and engage with like-minded individuals, learn from experienced and influential professionals and access informative materials to assist in furthering both your personal and professional development goals. The Network and its partners support our members through offering a wide range of career enhancement and business development tools, programs, products and services.